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  At UK-chauffeur company we cater to businesses and
  individuals who demands efficient and safe chauffeur service. 
  We are dedicated to providing you with a reliable outstanding
  chauffeur hire service that will make any special occasion
  truly  memorable.

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We build our company one customer at a time,
our focus on providing exceptional service is what brings
many clients back time and time again.

We are Located 15 minutes From Heathrow Airport


13 Ditton Road



Tel: 0208 150 6853

Calling from Europe and from the rest of the world please dial 0044208 150 6853

Calling from North America please dial
01144 208 150 6853

London Airport Transfers

Heathrow Chauffeur service

Gatwick chauffeur hire   

Stansted chauffeur drive      

Luton Airport transfer

Biggin Hill Airport

London chauffeur hire

UK chauffeur hire

UK Seaport transfers

Dover port Chauffeur hire

Harwich port chauffeur service

Southampton port car hire

For transfers from Seaports we provide minivans and minibuses with trailers if you need one for the extra luggage you might have.


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UK Chauffeur services Contact details

Our friendly and professional team are on hand to assist your every need.
Our Call Centre Staff

Our call centre is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week and is operated by one controller/dispatcher and three telephonists at all times. We never close. If you have a booking to make, need a quotation, want to amend a booking or even cancel a booking then call our call centre on 0044 208 150 6853 and our staff will be happy to assist you.
Paul Baily and John Finch are our sales team. If you would like to open an account with UK Chauffeurs, please call the call centre and speak to either Paul or John. or by email,

paulb@uk-chauffeurs.com or

Our Recruitment Team

If you are a driver and would like to work for us, or would like to become an employee at UK Chauffeurs, please call our call centre and speak to either Joe or Tim

Our Accounts Department

Jane Finch, Chris Price are our accounts department personnel. If you have an enquiry about your account and need to speak to someone in the accounts department, or to open up an account, please call and ask for Chris
on 0208 1506853 or email him at chrisp@uk-chauffeurs.com

Our Internet Customer Services Team

For any booking, quote or enquiry please email info@uk-chauffeurs.com. Our internet customer service team will do their best to deal with your enquiry as quickly as possible.

The General Manager

To speak to the general manager about anything, please contact Mike Osborne mike@uk-chauffeurs.com he can be reached by calling the call centre or directly on
0208 150 6853

Our Business Address

UK Chauffeur Hire

13 Ditton Road



Tel: 0208 150 6853





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